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Jack Pu

Keep Learning And Follow Your Heart

Just a Capricorn Man

Hello! I am Jack Pu(蒲 小 花) from China. A Senior Web Front-end developer in Alibaba Group.

I was one of Weex developers. And I am also interested in HTML Video, SVG, and Canvas. And I write some funny open source projects like react-native-percentage-circle, vue-core-image-upload etc. And I am trying to write some articles to share what I am doing now.

During my school life in Central South University, I majored in Safety Engineering. But I found that Web pages attract me more. So I start writing code in the winter of 2011. And so lucky to work with other schoolmates to develop a GIS web system. And after graduated from university, I started my career in Qihoo 360 inc. It helps me to become more professional.


By the way, I spent some time learning designing and painting. I like to use Phtotshop and pens to create some amazing pictures. You can get them on my Behance Account. Of course, if you want to connect me , there are some ways below. And you can send an email to 760341479@qq.com if you want to know more about me.

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